About Power Floors

Communicate, Work Hard, Work Safe
Communicate, Work Hard, Work Safe

Grant Crump is the president and owner and has been in the commercial flooring industry since 1975. Errol Glidewell is the Senior Operations Manager; he has been in the resinous flooring and concrete restoration industries since 1987.

We consistently maintain the highest standards in quality, management, performance and customer service. We understand the budget restraints of our customers and are consistently the best value in our market sector.

To accomplish this, we have invested heavily in our staff and equipment. All of our employees are paid by the hour (not subcontracted) to ensure the highest degree of quality, safety and consistency.

At Power Floors, our commitment to safety is second to none. All of our employees must pass a drug screen and a background check prior to employment and are at least OSHA 10 certified. All of our project managers are OSHA 30 and Red Cross First Aid/CPR certified. All of our equipment and personnel are compliant with OSHA 3902 Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction.

Translated, all this means we are two old floor dogs that can shine in the most demanding environments, keep you in the black and not screw up your schedule…been there, done that.

Grant Crump